Flir Thermal Camera

Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)

Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)
Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)
Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)
Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)
Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)

Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)    Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)

Infrared thermal imaging camera E8 (320x240,250C calibrated range) based on enhanced 2018 model of famous FLIR Ex series hardware platform. Ex Series include products E4, E5, E6 and E8. This camera is different from any other in this price range and Ex family as it literally let you discover what other cameras cannot discover and visualize your discovery in unusual ways. It also allows you to work in conditions and with thermography techniques which are not reachable to others yet. Yes, IT CAN FIND BUGS IN WOOD.

It is important you to read and understand the Supplementary section fully. Thermal imaging camera, case, FLIR Tools download information card, calibration certificate, User Manual and/or links to download page, battery, power supply / charger, USB cable. What makes this offering unique among others. E8 X is a 2-mode capturing, far infra-red high resolution, low noise, supreme sensitivity and measurement stability microbolometer-based thermal imager with enhanced software that complements the standard of Flir technologies with unique to this model features, enabling the true power of FLIR Series Ex instrumental platform.

The model is guaranteed to comply to the standard Flir E8 specifications, while greatly exceeding it in function. New techniques to discover and document construction failures, biological contamination, medical conditions, infiltration and air circulation, humidity high-accuracy maps with dew point intervals, etc.

General FLIR Ex series description. All FLIR Ex-Series cameras as produced are characterized by very neat assembly, quality and durable materials, reliable components, and are complete devices which are easy and intuitive to use. Product description which is common for all models of Ex series. The E8 X model is based on the Flir Ex Series hardware platform and inherits all the advantages from the Ex product line, including.

Fully rubberized, 2m shock protected body; a grip that is comfortable to hold when in mitten or glove; excellent balancing of the device at wrist/palm joint, famous Swedish ergonomics and work comfort; trigger with a clear threshold any hysteresis and buttons with pronounced tactile feeling of pressing, just the right amount;high level of protection against moisture, splash, water droplets, dust, shock and other adverse operating conditions; crisp LCD screen with bright and adjustable backlighting, timer auto-off, auto-standby mode. Ex Series devices are optimized for long-term examinations and have the ideal weight, size and shape proportions. Your hand and wrist does not get tired, and it is really difficult to drop an expensive device unintentionally. Suitable for work at height, among the available accessories there is a handy bag that can be attached to the shoulder or to the mounting belt; Robust case made of impact-resistant black plastic with large FLIR logo and space for a master card, a comfortable rubberized handle and places for the camera, an external charger, a spare battery and a set of documents and camera software, cables.

The device can be powered from a rechargeable battery, an external power supply (included) or via USB cable (included). Fast charging up the battery is possible when a power supply is connected, while when connected via USB, the charging rate are slower.

Typical charging cycle takes just above 3 hours, per single fully discharged battery. Slightly faster charging is possible with a special external battery charger, see the Accessories list. The easily removable Li-Ion battery is contained in the handle of the device and is replaceable what allows user to continue working without delay by simply swapping a discharged battery to a fresh one. Fresh battery (as supplied) typically delivers up to 5 hours of continuous operation at comfortable screen brightness levels. Note: at low temperatures you will get lower values, down to 3.5 hours below F -5 (C -20). In the accessory list, you can find and order spare batteries. Standard Ex Series technologies and hardware differences.

The E8X model has all the proprietary technologies found in the Ex Series cameras, such as the MSX and the full feature set and the software found on the top model of the Ex Series (E8). At the same time, the camera lacks an SD card reader, which is not a big problem, since the camera has enough inner memory to store many hundreds of images, and there is the ability to transfer images to a PC and vice versa. From our experience with original E8 cameras, SD card slot is rarely used in real-life scenarios. This is the only hardware difference from native E8.

MSX (Multi-Spectral Extension) allows to observe on the same screen/shot a combined image obtained from a visible and infrared camera. Unlike the usual mode of combining the 2 sensors images on other cameras, in MSX only visible contours and small details of the visible image are superimposed on the IR image, but not the colors of objects, or visible gradients; thus there is no messing and unnecessary mixing of shades of the visible image and the IR palette. Quality of shots taken on E8X model.

Standard Ex Series - Ease of use for newbies and professionals. The camera is very easy to use and is perfect for those who have little or no experience at all with this type of equipment. The user interface will amuse professionals with responsiveness and immediate availability of functions.

Camera Trigger operation of E8 X. Most functions of the trigger are inherited from standard Ex Series camera, however there are added functions as well.

When user pull the trigger on grip, the camera quickly takes a picture and saves the image in the "radiometric JPEG" format. This format differs from the format of other cameras in that it contains not only visible and IR immediate images (separately), but also information about the temperature of each pixel (radiometric information), and a database record of shooting conditions humidity, temperature, material, time, palette, mode, etc. All this info is contained layer-by-layer in a JPEG container and is available for special editing software (inner or external). But every usual PC is capable to open a first layer and present "what you see is what you get" image.

When a multi-shot sequence capturing mode of E8X is enabled, pressing the trigger starts automated shot capturing each set number of seconds, for total number of images. This option is not available on original E8 or modified cameras.

When pressing and keeping pressed the trigger, an auto discharge timer set to 15 seconds is started which can be wound-up as many times as needed before it ends by simply pressing and holding the trigger again. When released, it will countdown and when is 3 seconds from discharge, will perform auto-calibration procedure which improved both accuracy of measurement and appearance of the shot considerably, with no motion of camera at the moment of shot; this feature, as many others, is only available on E8 X model.

Standard Ex Series: Focus free optics, wide angle. The reversal telescopic focusless lens allows you to capture wide field (45 ° by 36 °), scenes what is nearly double that of many other cameras. This allows user to come closer physically to the object while maintaining wide scene, what is very convenient in closed environments. Also, there is no need for manual or auto focusing of the lens, which greatly simplifies the work, especially for beginners. No focusing not only significantly speeds up the whole process of photo documenting, it allows you to add measurement points later to that image without worrying that a new measurement point is out of focus (a typical miss of beginners with focusing cameras).

The wide field of view allows you to take pictures from the minimum distances (from 40 cm), which is important when working in confined environments. Viewing angles of 22.5 °, 11.25 ° and 5.625 ° (horizontal) are available with the digital zoom function (at the expense of lower resolution though, as with any digital zoom). Standard Ex Series: Compactness and weight. The cameras of the series weights only 575g and can be carried in special pocket or on your belt. The lightweight camera ensures efficiency and ease of inspection and diagnostics. Thanks to this, the hand of the master does not get tired even after many hours of work.

A special case for the camera (not included) that can be attached to your working belt is available in Accessories. FLIR Ex-Series thermal imaging cameras withstand a 2-meter drop. Thanks to their dust and water resistance, they are rated IP 56. The Ex Series cameras images are stored in internal memory under a unique, incremental number.

The E8 X model can add year month-day to that numbers, making it much easier to manage later. The internal memory of the device is enough for hundreds of pictures (from 500 to 1000 pictures, depending on the level of detail of the picture).

However, a real-life use case never go that high: typically, the camera DCIM is erased for each new project and then the accumulated shots for that project are transferred back to PC in a batch for further processing and analysis. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to produce more than practical 100 shots per project/object. Also, the storage system of Ex Series will slower down with each shot added, so it is not practical to keep too many shots on camera to avoid working slowdown. Luckily, E8 X model provides indicators on the upper status bar that shows icon when a storage system is busy, so user don't panic when camera is non-responsive because of large number of shots to be indexed (typically after reboot, or editing shot on the device built-in editor). E8 X built-in editor add-on: Reporting and analysis software.

All owners of the Ex series thermal imagers can download the FLIR Tools software for free from the website; in addition to that E8 X users can use built-in editors to change representation of the captured data on-the-fly and save it back to the same file. For example, user can change thermal palette, adjust captured scene temperature range, add or delete measurement objects: spots, boxes, circles, lines, deltas, etc.

If fact, the built-in editor is no worse than the external editor in Flir Tools software, provided by Flir. This can save time and provide options when you are away from PC, and need immediate analysis of the scene taken. The unified file format allows you to work with previously taken shots both on a PC using FLIR Tools and in the built-in image editor. The Ex Series cameras allows you to measure temperature in the range from -20? The camera performs especially accurate measurements in the temperature range from + 5C to + 55C, and at room temperature E8 X is capable to detect the temperature difference as low as 0.026C °, which is a record. In fact, using other special add-on features of the E8 X, it is possible to see blood vessels and capillary networks under human skin, inflammations, muscles and joints problems. Of course, this instrument in not approved for this type of measurements but in fact, it is capable of such the imaging. E8 X: standard and extended Measurements. Series Ex cameras provide Spot temperature and Box measurement objects, with search for maximum, minimum in that Box object. E8 X provides these plus Circle object and Line object, calculating average temperatures on the object, temperature differences and set the custom alarm to a threshold temperature.

For example, E8 X can create an alarm that triggers when value of difference (delta) between average on Box1 and a reference spot is less (or greater) then a set value. E8X can handle as much as 12 Spots, 5 Boxes, 3 Circle and 1 (vertical or horizontal) line. It also provides a graph of temperatures along that line, which can be a very informative tool. The functions common to all cameras of the Ex line have been extended by the possibilities of creating your own measurement templates and editing already created templates.

User can save up to 2 custom templates called Presets, each template is a user created combination of measurement instruments (as listed above). This complements standard Ex Series Template panel (No Measure, Spot, HotSpot, ColdSoot) which are also elaborated to create a good tool. This function provides a quick and clear search for a problem in the video finder mode, where the central area is taken from the IR camera, and the frame borders are filled with the image from the visible device camera. The function is especially convenient for beginners who do not yet have enough practice to recognize objects on IR pictures, as well as for demonstration to customers in a visual form the "central" problem. Inherent from Ex series, on E8 X model this central area can be freely adjusted in size, what makes it far more practical. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Test, Measurement & Inspection\Cameras & Imaging\Infrared & Thermal Imaging". The seller is "geoag95" and is located in this country: UA. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Estonia
  • Product: Handheld Thermal Camera
  • Temperature Range: -20 +250°C
  • Brand: Flir
  • IR Sensor Resolution: 320x240

Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)    Infrared Thermal imaging Camera FLIR E4 update to E8 (320x240,250C)